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Traits of the Best Employees
One of the most important traits any prospective employee can bring to a future employer is the capacity to learn. The work environment and employers’ needs will assuredly evolve over time, so an employee is particularly valuable if he or...
Tax Consequences of Funding a Business with an IRA
A simple internet search regarding how to use IRA funds as startup capital will generate many links to articles in the financial press, as well as to companies offering services to IRA owners interested in using IRA funds as a source of initial...
How Amazon Hones Its Workforce
Jeff Bezos has some very well-defined opinions and strategies about management, including keeping teams small and being confrontational when needed. That doesn’t mean he’s not up for trying something new. In his annual shareholder...
Changes to Michigan Tax Law Regarding Tax Clearance Procedure, Responsible Officer Liability, Audit Procedures, and Claims for Refund
On January 30, 2014, Governor Snyder signed into law Senate Bill No. 337 (the "Act"). The Act, recorded as Public Act 3 of 2014, amends sections MCL 205.201, 205.27a, and 205.30 relating to tax clearance procedure, responsible officer liability...
Economists Split Over Why So Many Give Up the Search for Work
Call it the million-worker mystery. A large chunk of American adults are no longer in the labor force. That has left economists divided over how many of them are voluntarily not working—or even looking for work—because they wanted...
Senate Finance Committee to Take Up Restoration of Tax Breaks
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Ranking Member Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, announced Tuesday that the committee will mark up a bill Thursday on a set of provisions known as “tax extenders” that have expired or will...
Why LeBron James Would Make a Great CPA
As the NBA season enters its critical stretch of the remainder of the regular season and tax season winds down, the natural question to ask is this: would LeBron James be as great a CPA as he is a basketball player? He has all the physical...
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