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MACPA Legislative Grassroots Activities

MACPA organizes and sponsors grassroots events to provide an environment for members to develop and enhance relationships with Michigan legislators and regulators. The quality of a profession’s “grassroots” programs determines the effectiveness of any advocacy initiative.

What do Grassroots activities accomplish?

  • Maintain current top-level relationships
  • Open doors to new relationships
  • Facilitate the exchange of information on behalf of MACPA
  • Help promote a unified message

An effective, two-tiered system of participants allows MACPA to address issues and communicate information to office-holders when timing and consistency are major priorities.

Tier one: MACPA Legislative Advisory Group

  • The MACPA Legislative Advisory Group is composed of regional representatives, who are responsible for management of all legislative initiatives.
  • These individuals have a high-level of knowledge regarding the CPA profession and are well-versed in the MACPA’s specific activities.
  • The Legislative Advisory Group understands greatly the steps necessary to advance and maintain legislative relationships. 
  • View the members of the MACPA Legislative Advisory Group

Tier Two: MACPA State Legislative Keyperson Program

Keyperson Program participants are:

  • MACPA members that have both a high-level relationship with an office-holder – simply put, able to pick up the phone and call at anytime – as well as proper and updated knowledge of the CPA profession’s message and the manner in which it should be delivered
  • MACPA members who have a desire to be involved in advocacy; however, have either lower-level relationships with legislators, or are in need of updating on the MACPA’s current issues and the best vehicle for communication
  • Former Legislative Action Task Force members

Join the MACPA State Legislative Keyperson Program

The MACPA State Legislative Keyperson Program is designed for individuals who have an interest in Michigan politics, advocacy for the CPA profession, and developing a relationship with Michigan legislators. Anyone can volunteer to become a participant.

The imperative responsibility of a participant is to act as a resource for office-holders. It is very important to establish a two-way relationship where the public official looks to you as their contact on tax, accounting and business related issues. Learn More!

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